Past Lives and Reincarnation

Memories are not just for remembering, fat from it. The real function of memories, is to control the body in response to environmental stimuli, both the external stimuli of the world around us, and the internal world or our biology, state and thoughts.

This memory does not rely on recall, indeed, every time you recall a memory, you will distort it, even if only by attaching your emotional state to a memory, for good or bad.

But what happens to memories we cannot access consciously, do they affect us. Absolutely, in fact they hold more power over us than anything else. These repressed memories, control our thoughts, actions and emotions.

But what if we have lived before, what if the memories from previous lives have been carried into this life. Does that then control our lives in the present.

Join us in this fascinating voyage of discovery

Experiences from the  weekend of 11th October 2014.

An Eskimo spearfishing by a blowhole, caught a big fish took back to the wife and 2 kids.

A woman in the death camps trying to keep at the back hidden from the soldiers, a pattern that runs in this life, trying not to be noticed.

Grace Dunken, 19th century Ireland, 1842, fancies a young man in the market, but is also cautious as there are stories that he beats women for all his charm.

An Indian squaw, just relaxing by a river describing the lifestyle of her people, the buffalo, the obsidian spearheads.

Mary in a village just outside of London carrying a basket. Enjoying strolling by the fields.