Dual NLP & Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training


Hi Mike, I just wanted to thank you again for this weekend as well as everything else you’ve done for me and other people throughout your life!

Your course is incredible and I really underestimated how much I would relate to it as well as how incredibly intriguing it all is. I found that after Saturday I could not wait for Sunday’s session which was undoubtedly as incredible as the previous one!

You’re such a caring man and watching you and the things you do for others is really eye opening and you are amazing I wish more people were doing your course as I really think they would benefit from it as much as I seem to be.

Fear of Flying



Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your help.  Both flights went brilliantly, no panics at all, and it made such a difference.  Our next flight planned is in November and it’s a little longer next time, so may get in contact nearer the time for a refresher if that’s okay.

Really appreciate what you’ve done though. I’ve never been a great fan of small boats either but used the same methods in the boats on holiday and that too worked well so this is just the start!


Fear of Flying

I have just come back from New York, I was absolutely terrified of flying and had tried everything to overcome it, I had tried hypnotherapy before but it had not worked. Mike was very different in his approach to my fear and gave me the complete confidence to get on the plane and look forward to my journey, I actually laughed on take off and I felt completely ready for the flight. Now I feel like I can travel any where in confidence without having to get myself in a state and also scaring other people. I have to say mike is fantastic and very supportive. This even helped with my fear of going in lifts! So from having hypnotherapy for my fear of flying I have now managed flying, lifts and boat trips! Thank you Mike Dee


Fear of Flying/Lifts


Hi Mike

You may remember that I came to see you at the beginning of the year, before I flew off to S Africa to work on a school project. You worked on fear of flying/lifts with me.

I can report a very successful trip – long plane journeys with some quite bad turbulence- all dealt with using the strategies you had taught me. Then on the way back I stopped off in Dubai and flew back to Heathrow on my own – my first solo trip ever! You can imagine my exhilaration at meeting such a challenge.

Since then (February), I have flown to Dublin for a weekend, flew to the Dordogne with a group of strangers and last weekend flew to Paris for a wedding (on a tiny plane) and stayed in a big hotel where I had to regularly use the lift.

I can’t believe I’m where I am – I think I can say that I actually enjoy flying (not sure about lifts yet, but getting there). The whole experience has changed me. What complex people we are!  Thank you so much for your huge part in changing my life.

Dental Phobia

This Letter was from a man who had a phobia of going to the dentist and a strong gag reflex.


Dear Lynne & Mike,

Well, I had two fillings this morning. I was calm and relaxed and it all went fantastically well.

I have to go back in 4 weeks time for a deep filling in another part of the mouth but the thought of it does not fill me with dread, as it would have done before I came to see you.

Many thanks for your help

 Exam Nerves

This Lady had failed in an exam in spite of scoring high marks consistently during the year, but her mind went blank when doing the exam.

Dear Mike

Apologies for the delay of over one month since I sat my exam and have not yet told you how the hypnotherapy helped me and how it all went.

Well, it went smoothly, and almost surprisingly so. As you described, my pen just seemed to flow and I was able to easily focus on the questions and condense all the relevant knowledge required into the measly 5 lines given underneath each question.

Biology consists of 55 marks worth of short questions and an essay (18 marks). The latter was a very minute part of the syllabus and was difficult, yet I was able to attempt it (with some success I hope) without panicking or being blinded by the experience.

At the end of the exam I was composed (quite unlike usual) and was able to console those, who like myself previously, were panic stricken.

Sincere thanks. I feel a lot better these days


N.B. She passed with merit


March 2000

Dear Mike and Lynne,

Sorry it has taken me so long to write this letter, College has been very hectic these past few weeks.

Anyway I just wanted to write a quick note to you expressing my appreciation for the help that I received. As you know when I first came to you I had a problem with blushing. I felt that this problem took over my life completely. I felt that I had no control over my own body and emotions.

This problem was enhanced within the work place as myself and my colleagues were often singled out in group briefings and talks, which I have to tell you, the thought of that kind of situation happening absolutely terrified me, which made me feel very depressed about having to go to work. This over active blushing did not just happen at work but sometimes at college and in front of people that were new to me.

Now that I have experienced hypnosis for myself I feel much better. I find it a lot easier talking to people generally. I still do blush on the odd occasion like everybody does at some point, but now I do feel as if I am in control. Not only have I learned how to deal with it, but I have also learnt what a great tool the mind is. Somehow I feel much more relaxed within myself, if that makes sense. I tend not to get stressed so often and I find that the “So What” theory works very, very well.

All I can say is a big THANK YOU for your time, effort and understanding. I now know that I’m not the only one.

Many Thanks


Thank you for all your help, we have both learned a lot from your course. I think now, I am in position to help others who are negative and depressed.

We will most probably come on one of your courses next year.

Scientific Mind

This extract was taken from a letter by a former chief engineer and head of a major water authority which he had sent to a relative of his, and was kind enough to send us a copy also. The personal details concerning his family etc have been left out

2nd November 1999

Thankfully, the sessions we have attended with our hypnotherapist, have been extremely helpful. He is a man of immense wisdom and kindness, and we have both come to have great respect for his extraordinary knowledge and skills. He helps his clients every day with a wide variety of their personal problems and his success rates are nothing short of astonishing. In short, he successfully rebuilds people to make them mentally (and hence physically) stronger.

I doubt if there could be a more rewarding job on this earth. Personally, I have always been a very independent sort and would never have thought that I could push my pride far enough aside to seek help from someone in that line of business. It all seemed “too American” for me. My eyes have however been opened to the value of this kind of approach, in dealing with personal problems. Rose and I now try to act and think in the ways Mike has suggested. His methods work, and we try to give a positive twist to everything that happens to us.

Mike’s help and expertise has undoubtedly enabled us to cope much better. He has imprinted his philosophical ideas (and, more in my case, his scientific knowledge) indelibly on our minds. If I seem to stray into “philosophical comment’ in this letter, it will probably be a direct result of fresh imprinting derived from Mike’s teachings.

Before we had these therapy sessions, Rose and I thought it would probably all be a bit “airy fairy”. To my surprise, I found that his “philosophical teachings” are quite largely based on recent but well established scientific research. As a professional Engineer, experienced and trained in examining facts rather than fancies, I was surprised to find that I was readily able to respect the principles he expounds, – largely because of the factual scientific knowledge he brings to bear on his subject. This knowledge not only concerns the brain and the wonderful ways in which it works, but also human behavioural science generally.

Lynne has some wonderful skills in dealing with Mike’s patients. She is undoubtedly “gifted” in this kind of work.

Initially she just “sat in” on Mike’s therapy and lecture sessions (you will remember that she is a fully qualified ex-hospital Staff Nurse), but she has now progressed so that she gives her own therapy, lectures to students, etc. On such occasions Mike stays available to help with questions etc., but otherwise keeps himself in the background.

She is also steadily accumulating more qualifications (at present studying for her “Counselling” qualification). The two of them complement each other’s skills and as well as enabling good flexibility in their business they form a pretty redoubtable team.

They delight in the success they achieve in doing valuable good work helping people who have many different problems. They have an ever-widening circle of devoted friends, many of whom simply idolise them for the way they have “seen them through some crucial crisis or other.

Having survived the worst aspects of emotional trauma over the past year or so, due to Andrew’s activities, Rose and I have also come to realise that even such an experience may not be all bad. The result can be that you emerge as a better and stronger person than you were before. We now attach more importance to allowing ourselves time to relax and “take stock” of things. A new and entirely different perspective on events then seems to appear. This sort of perspective was simply never possible to achieve when we were younger.

We have found that a new perspective about what is really important (and what is not) can give us a better ability to cope in a less self-damaging way with our day to day problems.

Quit Smoking


Dear Mike and Lynne,

Well it’s been just over five months, and since we left your house I haven’t had a cigarette! I have had NO cravings, I haven’t  put on weight, I feel great

Unlike **** (her friend), I can’t remember much of the evening, but whatever you did, worked!

Thank you so much, I’m really grateful. I recommend you to everyone.

Best regards.

And another one

Dear Mike and Lynne,

Five months and no cravings, I haven’t even thought about smoking again! I haven’t put on any weight and find the stairs up to my workstation very easy now.

No tightening of the chest and coughing.

Thanks a million for your help

And another one

Dear Mike

My husband, *******, visited you just over 4 weeks ago to help him to stop smoking, and he has asked me to drop you a quick line to thank you as he is still not smoking!  However, he is still taking it one day at a time, but it is looking very positive!

We thought you might like to know that it looks as if you have another success story!

Thank you

 Fear Of Snakes


This lady could not even say or stand to hear the word “snake”.

Dear Lynne & Mike

A huge thank you to you both for helping me to overcome my phobia of snakes.

Through your expertise, I can now say the word, touch pictures, watch them on television, and, for the first time in my life, have visited a reptile house, but more than this I can now look forward to visiting my daughter in Costa Rica with complete joy, and for this you will always have my heartfelt gratitude.

Yours sincerely


This letter was from a teacher who attended a ten-week self-hypnosis course at Greendown School for Swindon College.

December 1992

Dear Mike,

Here is a success story that I feel you should know about!  I expect you hear them all the time, but another one can’t do any harm.

When I started on your course for the first time over a year ago, I was suffering a lot with asthma.  I was taking large quantities of oral steroids, which were having all sorts of side effects, as well as 16 inhalers per day.  Also I was losing my voice for up to six weeks at a time – quite a problem for a teacher!  In fact, I was seriously considering giving up the career, which I was enjoying very much in spite of my health problems.

Using the relaxation and suggestion techniques you have taught me, I have now had no asthma for a year (for the first time in my life!), my voice has remained intact, I’m taking no medication at all, my career is flourishing and I feel great!

Many, many thanks

Travel Phobia

In the following letter the client started work with another therapist, but when the other therapist had an unforeseen stay in hospital Mike had to take over. The problem was a phobia of being a passenger in a car, and a rash around the neck which came up like a weal.

Dear Mike

Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know what you have done to me!

I have been feeling excellent since last week, both mentally and physically.  I really never believed I could feel so good.

The strange thing is that I can hardly remember the last session now, just small parts, so I’m not sure what you did do.  But whatever it was, it worked.

I also feel that every day I feel better than the previous, and John’s not quite sure what to make of me yet!

The car problem and my neck problem are about 90% better, the asthma is unchanged.

So, thank you both for all your help and understanding.  I am certain you have helped save my sanity and probably John’s as well!

Once again, thank you.

  • NB: In the change from the other therapist to Mike, for which Mike had no access to the notes taken, he was unaware of the asthma problem.

High Blood Pressure and Depression

 December 1991

The next person had suffered with high blood pressure and depression for thirty years. Four weeks into the course the blood pressure was normal, confidence had asserted itself and life was being lived to the full.

Dearest Lyn and Mike,

Words can never express my thanks for the miracle! you helped me discover.!

Sincerely, always.