Confidence & Self Esteem

We have helped many people build confidence and self esteem over the years, and it is always amazing to watch people transform their lives in such a positive way.

Many people struggle through because the lack the confidence, or the self belief to do what needs to be done to further their careers, to develop themselves, often very capable people who sit back and hope that they will be recognised for their efforts and rewarded accordingly.

The reality is usually quite different, people just accept that you do your job and it is the ones that promote themselves that get on in life.

Others have lived a life where blame and criticism is the name of the game and as a consequence have very low self esteem. Sometimes parents, teachers and other significant people in our lives are actually trying to motivate us to step up and do better. Unfortunately, while this works for some, many absorb the criticism and internalise it to become part of their identity and avoid situations where they can be attacked as it is easier.