Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking with us..

The tools and techniques that we give you to make it really easy to quit. We have developed and improved our approach in over 25 years of practice until we have developed one of the most comprehensive and effective stop smoking methods in the country.

We target as many areas as possible using Dilts Logical Levels

We take each level and challenge the many ideas that we have about smoking, we give you the tools to adapt your responses so that they become as automatic as possible

The Logical Levels

  1. Systemic/Purpose: At this level we look at how being a non-smoker opens up a wider spectrum of experience and frees you from the shackles of needing nicotine.
  2. Identity: A nassive part of being a smoker is a sense of identity the defines you as “I am a smoker”, we demonstrate how much of an illusion that is, and show you how to change to a more powerful sense of self.
  3. Beliefs and Values: In a sense Beliefs are involved in all the levels. A belief is summed up, simply as something that we believe to be true, this may be true or false.
    So “I am a smoker” creates a powerful identity belief, which in turn defines your belief in whether you are capable of stopping smoking, or it might be a belief of how powerful the addiction is.

    Most of oue beliefs are not actually true!
    And again we demonstrate this to you.

    Values on the other hand, are powerful motivators, they determine how important something is to us at any given moment in time, and it is our values that give us our drive our behaviours and give us the energy to change and do things or not.

  4. Capabilities: Simply what we are able to do. More often than not, we are bound up in our own limiting beliefs about our abilities. Once again we demonstrate this to you and show you how to change this.
  5. Behaviours: Our actions, and this includes our physiological and emotional responses, such as how we cope with stress and other pressures.
    We show you how stress works and give you tools to not only manage it, but how to use stress to your advantage.

    Many of our clients have said how this “Life tools” element of stopping smoking has had a profound and amazing effect on their whole life and how they deal with things.

  6. Environment: Everything around us. These include places, times, people, things have an impact upon us, usually at an unconscious level.
    These constitute trigger points that activate a response such as places we used to smoke, things such as drinks we might have at the time, time points that tell you to take a break. We show you haw to de-activate those trigger points.

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