Weight Loss

People often struggle with weight loss and experience a diet yo-yo. They set their weight target and go too strongly into the diet, with the result that the body thinks it is in a famine and slows down it’s metabolic output in an attempt to reserve energy.

So, although you are eating less than what you used to, you have stopped losing weight and even worse, starting to put weight on.

We call this a plateau, weight loss follows a simple formula: energy input – energy output. Bear in mind that the energy output happens continuously, your body is still functioning even if you are resting, and this is where your metabolic rate really makes an impact.

We offer 2 weight loss programs, one is the standard hypnosis weight loss program which is an eight session program, geared at developing a habit of healthy living patterns that become automatic, to last you for life.

Or if your BMI (Body Mass Index) is over 35 then you may want to try the Hypno-Gastric Band  treatment – This is four double sessions (8 sessions) with a 5th double session follow up.

You can calculate your BMI below.

 Maintaining a healthy weight is a major factor in our overall health, and whether we like it or not, will both affect and be affected by our fitness levels. Overweight people are putting so much additional pressure on their skeletal joints, that as we get older, it becomes more painful to move around and enjoy a healthy active life.

As the fat builds up in our bodies then it begins to squeeze other organs affecting their ability to function properly, fats begin to build up inside the arteries and blood vessels, restricting the amount of oxygen and other vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins reaching the body.