Hypno-Gastric Band treatment, is a far cheaper and safer option than actual Gastric Band surgery.

Statistically it is also more successful, 80% compared to 70% of actual Gastric band surgery.

And with none of the risks associated with actual Gastric Band Surgery.

Gastric Band Surgery works by placing a band around the top of the stomach creating a pouch. Like the sand in an egg timer, the food filters down into the rest of the stomach.

The result is that the food fills up the pouch above the band much quicker and with much less food. Simplistically put, this fools the brain into thinking we are full and can become very uncomfortable very quickly.

Hypno-Gastric band treatment works on the same principle, and we work by following a process as though we were actually performing Gastric Band Surgery, the brain responds to this process by creating a perception of fullness in the same way as the actual Gastric Band, and because it is the brain creating the perception, rather than the result of an external factor (the actual gastric band), there is more compliance with the eating patterns that follow the treatment.

Double Session 1 – History taking and preparation

Double Session 2 – Reinforcement & Eating Habit Formation

Double Session 3 – Gastric Band preparation & Stomach Shrinking

Double Session 4 – Hypno Gastric Band Operation

Double Session 5 – Follow up and Gastric Band Adjustment