What is Hypnosis and how does it work?

Hypnosis is an extremely effective way to tap into your own intrinsic power and to unlock your potential.

For many people the term hypnosis conjures up an image of somebody taking control of a person’s mind. However, nothing could be further from the truth. For most people, hypnosis is such a wonderful state to be in that they want to remain in trance.

The state of hypnosis is dependent upon co-operation between the client and the therapist, and it’s effectiveness can be measured by the fast and transformative ability of the client to tap into the incredible and amazing power of their subconscious mind.

Can you imagine being able to change habits, fears, self esteem problems that have been locked in for years, in a few sessions?

Hypnosis for medical issues:


By changing what you focus on research has shown the benefits of hypnosis, with both medical and psychological problems.

Our STOP SMOKING session is done in a one off treatment, where we explore every aspect of the individuals habit in order to enable them to achieve success..

It can also help with panic attacks, anxiety, stress control, pain management; skin disorders, allergies, dental and exam fears, depression, dog phobias, weight control, habits and the treatment of  addictions.

Our subconscious mind is an incredibly powerful tool. It regulates our lives even though we do not realise it. It tells us when we are in pain or hungry, and when to breathe and it determines your thoughts, emotions and actions.

When you learn these incredible skills and techniques we show you, you too, will be able to access your subconscious and have a powerful tool-kit for self-help, success, and influence, that will transform your life.

Your ability to communicate with others in order to influence what you want, will help you to create the changes you want in every area of your life.